Why Dedicated to Greatness?

DG goes beyond my initials, it's a synergy. Dedicated to Greatness is about the process. The drive. The chase. Acknowledging the purpose of your life and connecting with people along the way. The lifecycle of this brand continually transforms from dreams, visions, and lived reality that is translated over to merchandise. This is what drives DGtheBrand.

Significance of the Butterfly?

It’s a personal touch of my life story. To me, the butterfly reminds us that we are safe, grounded, and protected by those we love forever. In hindsight, it holds space for spontaneous changes we grow through in this life. We all experience phases of metamorphosis and placing the monarch throughout our collections brings hope to connect and inspire those who wear it.

Vision for the Future?

It’s DimeTime! Talking long-term visions means remaining ambitious in intertwining product and personal stories authentically with the community I love. To inspire more people to push the limit wherever the brand meets them. On and off the field, court, office, and beyond. Keep growing and offer quality products people love to wear. Going into the future, when people see DG, I want them to see significance, purpose, and intention.